Wow what a ride!

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Wow what a ride!

So I resigned from my job! Yup I am looking for another job, yes we bought a house and have a huge debt, oopsie!
I could get used to being home though, today I had dinner on and cooking by 10am, baked a cake, cleaned the house, done the washing and the dishes (something Phil has been pretty much in charge of since forever!) I loved that he came home to a tidy house, dinner ready and some baked goods, it felt good, it felt really good!
Yes I am looking for another job, I will find one and if I don’t I am sure I can work from home in some kind of way shape or form 🙂

We are revamping our blog to blog about things that are going on in our life, such as budgeting which is something I have been really looking at the last few weeks, my Mum was amazing with money and budgeting, my daughter is also amazing at it! Without her help this year for Christmas pressies I would have been broke beyond our means, thanks to Luanna, I came in way under any expectations I had.

I have been looking around the net for ideas for saving money and how to budget and have been getting some great nuggets of ideas, which I have implemented, some of the sites I have found cost to join, or you can win a subscription, I can’t afford to join right now so will continue to try and work it out on my own by reading and remembering things my mum told me 🙂

We will also all be blogging, Phil, Alexander and I, nut free recipes, living with an alergy, and probably our home renovations 🙂

Today’s bargain was a 12 pack of baked beans for $5 the tins are 420gms   🙂

Alexander and I made a chocolate cake today, he decorated it, so good!


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